Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's 9:30 a.m. and I'm drinking coffee, blindly checking facebook, trying to reconcile myself with the cold hard fact that it's morning and I'm awake, when Mellen walks in.

Mellen: No rest for the wicked!

Alienated Receptionist: hi.

Mellen: How are you this morning Jenny?

Alienated Receptionist: Fine Mellen. Have you ever seen Intolerable Cruelty?

Mellen: No... I haven't. Is it any good?

Alienated Receptionist: I saw it this weekend. I think you should see it because it's about a family law attorney. It's pretty funny. By the Cohen Brothers.

Mellen: Is it out on DVD?

Alienated Receptionist: Yes, I just rented it this weekend.

Mellen: You know, I could have written most of those plots myself.

1 comment:

SCQ said...

Dear Alienated Receptionist,

You're my friend now; I've linked you forever. Best of luck with the thesis.

Keep up the posts!

Love SCQ.