Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Art Direction: Andrew Austin

With the new year well underway, I'm thinking a lot about 2009 and what is has meant for me. While I hardly accomplished my goals for the year, I can say that 2009 brought a surprising new direction to my otherwise academic mode of work. Being surrounded by some pretty talented people meant that I was given all kinds of opportunities to do Art Direction as a compliment to their work. I got to design for some short films, a music video, a couple photo shoots and even some merchandise, and although I was a total novice at all of these endeavors, got great feedback, and (perhaps more importantly) I really enjoyed the work. So in the interest of making my status as an Art Director existentially official, I thought I'd declare it on this mostly-personal pseudo-public way, and post some of the work I've done.

To start off, here's some merchandise I designed for Toronto singer/songwriter Andrew Austin:

This was cover art for the first single. Some people have told me that it looks like a shell, and others a pear "as seen from above" but the intention was that it be the planet Mercury, which would be followed by three other planet-theme single covers.

And here's the t-shirt I designed, which can now be seen all over Southern Ontario sported by both my father AND my sister.

And finally if you're interested here's a link to Andrew's music video which I did the art direction for. I cut 127 circles out of foamcore, and spray painted them gold. Exciting right?