Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I can't help myself; I love these toilets. It's like the the white toilet seems to be reaching out to the pink toilet with its flusher. So romantic!(?) In spite of my better judgment, I'm considering using this image for my business card.

Skeleton Crew Quaterly.

Let me introduce you to my friend Ryan Pratt and the Skeleton Crew Quarterly.  The SCQ is a music review platform from which Ryan writes poetic reviews of upcoming and often undiscovered albums, devises incisive yearly best of lists, and tweets wildly. It’s become my primary source for music journalism, and to return the favor I made a design for the site's banner. He asked me to do this about six mounths ago, and after multiple distractions and a couple rough attempts, I'm finally finished. So here goes my first attempt at graphic design: