Friday, January 22, 2010

Granada Frowning Lady No. 1

In Barcelona, at the Park Guell, amongst the herds of hippies hocking scarves, jewelry, and agitating bird noisemakers, I stumbled upon a bizarre book stand. It was home to several offbeat design books, a catalog of Art Deco post cards, and a magical Shirley Temple paper-doll kit with detachable torso. I look through the stand much longer then Nick would have liked, but ended up taking home a book of Erte's fashion-inspired designs for early editions of Harper's Bizarre. His hard contrast line work and Art Noveau aesthetic made me think that I might want translate some of his techniques into painting. I've seen a lot of amazing line work done lately in gouache and even in oils, which I might attempt in the Future when I have more time and less guilt. But in the mean time, I tried out some Erte-inspired line work for the hair and fur collar of one of the infamous Granada Frowning Ladies (these women have become pretty popular amongst my friends, and some can be seen on my earlier Granada photograph post). I'm pretty happy with the result.